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 W e   a r e   p l e a s e d   t o   p r o v i d e   t h e s e   s e r v i c e s :


Commercial & Risk Inspection

You will be provided with an objective assessment of property conditions, liability issues, and any other reporting you require, such as rent rolls or high value inspections, for certain real properties per your requests.  Detailed photographs including property highlights and lowlights are included with these inspection tasks.

Asset Verification

Our inspector will assure you that your collateral is on site, that the serial numbers match, and your transaction is in trust. Photographs, upon your request, will be taken of the equipment and the lessee's location.

Loss Draft Inspection

This construction progress report provides the inspector's opinion of the approximate percentage of repairs completed based on the type and dollar amount of damage. We will attempt to make contact immediately with the homeowner upon receipt of the inspection request.

Photography Requests

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with digital photos, 35MM photos, or digital video of residential or commercial properties, streets, intersections, vehicles, or any real property.  If requested, we will contact your subject's owner for permission.

Merchant Site Verification

We will visit the merchant’s location, inspect the premises and inventory to verify business legitimacy.  At your direction, our inspector will photo signage, storefronts, and interiors as per your needs.

Special Requests

Just call… we can most likely accommodate your needs.

Rush Service

Fox Field Services, LLC offers rush timeframes on all inspection and work requests. Expedited assignments will normally be completed within 48 hours or sooner by special arrangement.

Please contact us with your needs... we are here to serve YOU!


fox silhouette2   F O X   F I E L D   S E R V I C E S ,   L L C